by artist

Edouard Valette

"I’m a director and photographer. I believe that good storytelling is a path to empathy. That is what drives me. My hope is to create films and photos that make people think twice about their biases and maybe see the world a bit differently— to add empathy to the discourse and reduce the broad oversimplification of complex ideas.

I’ve been fortunate to be a part of meaningful projects all around the world over the past decade. The people I have met in the places I’ve shot have shaped who I am today. I care deeply about our natural world, protecting wild places and giving a voice to the ones who need to be heard — I believe storytelling through films and photos is powerful tool in the fight to leave a better world behind us.

Here, I set to work on how Brussels residents see their city. We gave 50 of them an analogue camera with which they photographed their daily lives for us. With those images as well as statements from the interviews of "This is Us. This is Brussels." we made a film to show Brussels through the eyes of the people of Brussels themselves."

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Created by Chenyu Wangfrom the Noun Project